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Euromillions History: The evolution and progression of Euromillions sweepstakes


Reflecting on Euromillions history, the sweepstake was conceptualized by executives employed at Francaise des Jeux, national lotto operator of France in 1994. However, the concept, heavily borrowed from US state-level lotteries, took another decade before it was launched finally in 2004 on 13th February. In the beginning Eurolottery draws were open only to participants from Spain, France, and UK. However, from October 2004, players…

The luckiest unluckiest man in the world (cheated death 7 times)


In case you’ve a close shave with death while you are driving or travelling in a train but somehow emerge unscathed, you may deem your escape purely coincidental. And if you again cheat death by a hair’s breadth, coming out with your life and limbs intact, you might ascribe your getting away to the sheer stroke of luck. But how will you describe your…