If you are looking for Greece Powerball results today then you don’t need to go anywhere else. You can check Greek Power Ball results on this webpage when Powerball results are drawn.  this draw is recently out, view the Greece Powerball winning numbers, and read this helpful post.

Greece Powerball results

Greece’s power ball results are drawn twice every week on Thursday and Sunday evenings.  Draws take place at 22:10 Eastern European Time (EET) on Thursdays and 22:00 EET on Sundays. Ticket sales close at 21:30 EET. When Powerball draws are confirmed officially you can check the latest results update on this website. Check Powerball results and let’s see more about Greek Powerball.

Greek Powerball

Greece Powerball lotto is awarding thousands of people for years. This lotto drawn first was in 1997. Greek Lotto is world famous lottery and growing day by because of its easy playing procedure and other features and played in many countries of the world.

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How to join Greece Powerball lotto

If you are a resident of the Hellenic Republic you can visit retailers to join lotto. If you are from South Africa or another county, you need to find out any online Greece PowerBall results history provider. Many of bookmakers are providing lots of international lotteries online, you can go with them. You can join simply by sing up if you are over 18.

How to play Greece Powerball?

Greece Powerball is a very interesting and exciting game to play. you just need to pick up five main numbers from 1 to 45 and one additional number from 1 to 20. Follow the simple steps to join the Hellenic Republic Powerball lottery.

  • select any best online provider for Greece Powerball lotto
  • choose five main numbers from 1 to 45 and one additional number from 1 to 20
  • you can use a number generator and software for choosing the number
  • choose draw you want to play for
  • after taking all the above steps payout for the Greek Lotto ticket

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How to win Greece Powerball results

You can win the smallest prize of €1.50 after matching at least two numbers only. For winning the Powerball Greece lotto jackpot you have to match 5 main numbers and one separate number. For more detail, you can check the given table.

Prize DivisionNumbers you MatchedWinning oddsPrize
15 plus 11 in 24,435,180Jackpot (24.9% of ticket sales)
251 in 1,286,0623.85% of ticket sales
34 plus 11 in 122,175€2,500
441 in 6,430€50
53 plus 11 in 3,132€50
631 in 164€2
72 plus 11 in 247€2
821 in 53€1.50

Greece Powerball Good Causes

Half of the funds collected by lottery draw and tickets consumed on operating the lottery and prize distribution. A big percentage of the Hellenic Republic lottery goes to good causes. This amount is spent on hospitals’ educational and other welfare purposes.

Greece Powerball predictions

If you want to win Greece Powerball these winning tips are very important and helpful for you. Most of the lottery predictions are provided on different websites. These predictions provide you with great help in choosing the winning number for the upcoming draw. But it doesn’t mean these predictions work a hundred percent. Just get help from these tips and play your own game. You can check Greece Powerball result in predictions on this website

Past Results

Greece Powerball’s latest results update is provided on the draw date at the exact time regularly. If you want to check past results you can check past the Hellenic Republic Lotto winning numbers on this website. You can pick up the hottest and coldest numbers from this past data and winning numbers for the upcoming Greece Powerball draw. We update results on a daily basis.


What is Greece Powerball lotto?

Greece Powerball is a lottery in the county of Greek islands. It is awarding lots of prizes since 1997. Greece Powerball is not only played in Greece but is also most famous in South Africa and other parts of the world because of its user-friendly procedure and attractive features.

When Greece Powerball Results are drawn?

draw takes place twice every week in the country of Greece. The first draw of the week was drawn on Thursday evening and the second was on Sunday evening. Draws are held at 22:10 Eastern European Time (EET) on Thursdays and 22:00 EET on Sundays.  lotto cut of time is 21:30 EET.

What is the biggest prize in jackpot history?

Greece Powerball is awarding lotto prizes for years. On 15 April 2010, lotto announced the biggest prize jackpot in history which was worth €19.3 million.

Can we join online?

If you are from Greece you can personally visit the retail shops, if you are from any county you can go with any Powerball online provider. A number of online bookmakers are providing services for tickets.

Where Results are published?

Greece Powerball results are drawn on Thursday and Sunday evenings, Greece lotto results are published on different websites, magazines, and newspapers. If you want to check the results for today you can visit this webpage.


  • Greece Powerball is awarding lots of winning prizes since 1997
  • it is a User-Friendly lottery game and very easy to play
  • Awarding big prize jackpots every week
  • Drawn twice every week Thursday and Sunday
  • A big part of income is going to the welfare of the general public
  • You can play online via bookmakers and offline by visiting retailers
  • World Famous lottery game played in all parts of the world


  • This lottery is not drawn every day like uk49s lunchtime and teatime


Greece Powerball is an exciting lottery game and awarding huge prizes since 1997. The game is played in southeastern Europe but is also famous in other parts of the world including South Africa. Greek Results are drawn twice every week. You can check Greece Powerball’s latest results update on this helpful website.