Health Lottery Results 3-04-2019


I am happy today because Health Lottery Results of 3-04-2019 are announced.

and congratulation to winners from the U.S.A. and deceitful to play a lottery for next my good wishes for you

Here are the winning numbers for the 5 most recent Health Lottery draws, choose a specific result for details of the prizes awarded.

Winning Numbers

Health Lottery Results 3-04-2019

Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – Draw Number 1,274
29          30           35          36            38           34

Prize Tiers

Match 5Jackpot
Match 4 plus Bonus£10,000
Match 4£250
Match 3 plus Bonus£50
Match 3£10
Match 2 plus Bonus£5
Match 2Free Ticket
Match 1 plus BonusFree Ticket
Draw Information
The £250K Mega Raffle winning number drawn on 1st April was: PZ0704518647

Match 2 and Match 1 + Bonus wins a Free Ticket.

Health Lottery Results 3-04-2019

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