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TRICK TO WIN IRISH LOTTERY The main real approach to guarantee you have the triumphant price tag is to get parts and loads of tickets, every extraordinary until you have all the conceivable mixes secured. In advanced lotteries, this is able to price you over you would win in prize cash, so it’s neither rhyme […]

Guide tutorial to do if you got the euromillions. I & II

If you have checked your ticket and you’re the only winner of a big jackpot, certainly appreciate having to browse this guide initial steps and tips for new EuroMillions billionaires. 1. – Assimilate it The most natural, after realizing that you have the winning price ticket, is be glad, scream, jump, laugh and even mourn […]

UK Lotto – Upcoming Changes in November 2018


The National Lottery better known as Lotto whose debut draw was held in 1994 on 19th November continues to be the most popular sweepstake event in the United Kingdom. The lottery’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that over 32 million adults (nearly 70% of UK’s populace) purchase coupons regularly in the hope of winning a slice of the mammoth prize money. UK…

History of Irish Lotto (National Lottery)


Ireland (read Northern Ireland) has had a sweet and sour relationship with lottery that predates Irish lotto and goes back to the heady days of Irish Sweepstakes during the 30s. A lot happened in the fifty years spanning the sweepstakes of the 1930s and the first draw of the ‘An Crannchur Naisiunta’-the Irish Lotto- held in 1988 on 16th April. The early raffles editions…

Best Way to Win the Lottery or Fraud? (Mathematician Beats the Luck)


What do you need to do if you wish to win the Euromillions, Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot? Nothing! You’ve just got to be incredibly lucky, or if you are like Stefan Mandel, you’ll work out all possible number groupings using a complex mathematical theory of permutations and combinations. Yes, that is what Stefan Mandel mathematician from Romania exactly did-in the 60s, when Romania…

15 Biggest Lottery Wins Ever in the US and Worldwide


First I have to say, that the biggest lottery jackpots own USA lotteries. You are an inveterate Powerball or Mega Millions player never forgetting to pick up your tickets or scratch cards on your way back home from the office, like countless other Americans. You are also very optimistic hitting the jackpot one day sooner or later and keep dreaming about collecting the top…

History of Lottery Games


Lottery games have been popular for several decades and have been able to retain the excitement till date. People buy tickets with great anticipation to be winners and bag a good amount that might change their fortunes. Below we have summarized the type phases of lottery over the years and some stories that have changed fortunes for people from different corners of the globe.…

Engaging Account of the Largest Ever EuroMillions Jackpot Winner from UK


Ordinarily you, like most other National Lotto or EuroMillions ticket holders, may not cherish winning the jackpot even in your wildest dreams. Nevertheless, what are most likely to do even if you for a moment consider realizing that impossible dream? Of course, you’ll exult in joy, roll all over the floor of your house in wild ecstasy, inform all your near and dear ones…