National Lottery Lotto Results – Wednesday 04 March 2020

The Latest Uk National lottery Lotto Results are out now, Following the Lotto draw on Wednesday 04 March 2020.


National lottery lotto Results on Wednesday 04 March 2020 are below.

National lottery lotto Results today are:


The National Lottery Draw Numbers – published right here at 7.45 pm, live.

National Lottery Lotto draw on Wednesday 04 March 2020 at 10:00 failed to produce a winner in division
one (six correct numbers).
There was, one winner in division two (five correct numbers+Bonus ball)the lucky winner got
prize money of £1,000,000.

Division three (Match five) produced some winners; a total of 56 people, and they
each received prize money of £1,750 Each for their efforts.
Division four (Match 4) saw 3310 winners clinch the £1,750 each amount on
In the category of Match 3 of the winnings table, some 76497 winners were recorded for division five
(Three correct numbers ), and they won £30 each.

In the Category of match 2, there are 781,710 winners and they get a free ticket for the next draw.