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The UK 49s lottery Draw: lunchtime and Teatime Results 2021


What is the 49s lottery?

The UK 49s lottery, Teatime Results, and lunchtime Results are for the people who cannot wait for the draws held on every Saturday or Wednesday. The 49s Results draws daily with the time schedule i.e. Lunchtime Results at 12:49 (GMT) and a “TeaTime” draw at 17:49 (GMT). It is for all those people who love betting lotto games but cannot wait long for getting the winning prize. 49s is for those who are working in an office and live betting.  What if I say, you can get £150,000 from this 49slottery 49s latest result by simply investing as low as a £1 bet.


Lunchtime Lotto Results

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Latest Teatime Lottery Draw

Friday 5th March 2021


Teatime Lotto Results

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Latest Teatime Lottery Draw

Thursday 4th March 2021


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49s results Betfred

There are many companies providing a locus for the uk49s lotto result. The companies vary in odd numbers, payouts, and winnings, etc. The best company for 49s result is Betfred. Betfred 49s results can be obtained if you are playing through their channel.

How to play 49s?

The 49s lottery is quite similar to the 49slottery or any other lottery. The players have to choose the number between 1 and 49, and 6 main balls and a booster is drawn from the pot containing all the numbers from 1 to 49. It is played two times in the day. The one which is played in the day time is known as the 49s lunchtime Results, and Teatime Results. The 49s lunchtime and Teatime Results results can be obtained from this site. The one which is played in the evening is known as 49s teatime. The 49s teatime results can be obtained from this site as well.

49s Results

The result of the lotto UK whether it be lunchtime 49s or teatime 49s will be uploaded here. The live coverage of the latest 49s results will also be given here on this page.  The Betfred lottery results will be uploaded here on this page for sure. We update the daily updates of the 49s result. The 49slotto Betfred is the best company for the betting players. Here on this page, we will get the latest result of the 49ers lottery.

Lottery 49 is best for the individual who wants to eat a lot and also don’t want to pay a single penny. You simply can get £150,000 by only betting £1. However, if you are a player in this game, you might be curious about the result. Therefore, in order to lessen your curiosity, we are here to provide you with a one-step solution to your anguish. Here on this site, you will get all the latest results of the 49s lottery.

Our blog is a platform for every player of the 49s lottery. The 49s Betfred lottery can be a luck changer for you if you play it with proper guidance. In this fast world, you must be speedy also. Thus, we give the snappy live updates of the 49s Betfred Lottery Result.

So, you can get the 49s lottery result from our site. For the live and daily updates about the 49s result, you have to look for the platform which provides you with the daily updates. No other blog is as better in this regard as we are. We exclusively bring the best and latest results of UK 49s results in 2021.

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