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15 Biggest Lottery Wins Ever in the US and Worldwide

First I have to say, that the biggest lottery jackpots own USA lotteries. You are an inveterate Powerball or Mega Millions player never forgetting to pick up your tickets or scratch cards on your way back home from the office, like countless other Americans. You are also very optimistic hitting the jackpot one day sooner or later and keep dreaming about collecting the top…

History of Lottery Games

Lottery games have been popular for several decades and have been able to retain the excitement till date. People buy tickets with great anticipation to be winners and bag a good amount that might change their fortunes. Below we have summarized the type phases of lottery over the years and some stories that have changed fortunes for people from different corners of the globe.…

Euromillions History: The evolution and progression of Euromillions sweepstakes

Reflecting on Euromillions history, the sweepstake was conceptualized by executives employed at Francaise des Jeux, national lotto operator of France in 1994. However, the concept, heavily borrowed from US state-level lotteries, took another decade before it was launched finally in 2004 on 13th February. In the beginning Eurolottery draws were open only to participants from Spain, France, and UK. However, from October 2004, players…

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