Melissa Ede, a 57-year old taxi driver from Hull, East Yorks was quivering in disbelief when she called up a National Lottery official to notify her of her landmark £4 million lotto win. She was in a state of shock after scraping one of those Blue National Lottery scratch cards that she had bought from a refuel station for £10 on New Year’s Day in 2018. After realizing the enormity of her win, she decided to hang up her car keys and celebrate the windfall with a champagne toast.

Melissa, a crusader for transgender rights and a transsexual herself recalled never having taken a day off from work on New Year’s in the past 25 years. By scooping up £4 million purses, she became one of the luckiest lottery scratch card winners. With that kind of money, she could afford to take her day off every New Year as long as she wanted to.

She found her extraordinary stroke of luck incredible to fathom. Hitherto, she firmly believed that Lady Luck always used to smile at other people. However, she could not have imagined in her wildest dreams that it could happen to her. Now, that she had become a multimillionaire, she was simply over the moon.

The Incredibly Fascinating Story of Melissa Ede Winning £4 million On a Scratch Card

There are National Lottery scratch card winners and there will be more in the future. Nevertheless, lucky winners whose life history will rival that of Melissa’s could be few and far between. Ede’s life had been checkered with numerous ups and downs right from her childhood.

She was born with the body of a man but the heart of a woman. She confided in one of her interviews after the win that she wished to be a girl right from the age of three. She remained as Melissa for about 14 years before she went for a full-scale sex-change surgery in 2011.

She had started life as Les and morphed into Melissa surgically 12 years ago. Following the surgery, she was disowned by her four kids, all adults now as well as her parents who passed away last year.  She was extremely upset that her nearest and dearest ones had forsaken her when she was going through the most difficult phase in her life. She was very open about the fact that things could wrong with one’s chromosomes and genetics and that people should be accommodative of this harsh reality.

However, she promised to more than reimburse admirers of her wacky YouTube videos who had contributed amounts varying from £5-£20 when she had made a plea to them to restore her decomposing dentures.

At the same time, she is drawing up plans to purchase a home worth £5, 00,000 in Hull, East Yorks, her hometown. She will be moving out of the single room tenement that she had been sharing with another for the past 15 years. Additionally, she will also get rid of her rickety Ford Mondeo and upgrade to a seven-seat R-class Mercedes.

She also has plans to marry her partner, Rachel Nason who owns a fancy dress outlet sometime in 2018. It is a foregone conclusion that she will be splurging on the wedding. Melissa befriended Rachel in 2017 and proposed to her in that year. Rachel already has five kids from her previous liaisons.

Melissa who has appeared as a guest on ‘The Jeremy Kyle and Judge Rinder Show, disclosed that she recorded and uploaded bizarre videos on YouTube where she was seen prancing around the kitchen with pieces suspended from her breasts. She was scheduled to get a fresh set of teeth, start a fashion business and pen her autobiography.

Melissa Ede speaks after huge £4m win – Video


Melissa Ede was proceeding to work on her routine Saturday night shift in her cab and had happened to stop by a petrol pump for refueling. As she was paying the cashier, a £4 million Blue National Lotto scratch card caught her attention. She was paid back £12 in change with which she bought one coupon costing £10.

The rest of course is history and nobody would be able to relate the same as poignantly as Melissa.


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