Irish lotto just like any other gambling is a game that is played every Wednesday and Saturday evening. It is mandatory for the players to pick up six numbers between 1 and 47 for each line. The cost of one line is €2. However, the players have to opt for at least two lines. So, the total price is €4.

Where to buy tickets for the Irish lottery?

Irish lottery numbers and national lottery numbers can be purchased from any authorized retailer in Ireland or you can also buy it online. There are approximately 3700 retailers of the Betfred Irish lottery. Betfred lotto, Irish lottery Betfred, and Betfred Irish lotto are the synonyms for Irish lottery. You can find the lottery tickets associated with any of these names.

If you are playing this lottery at any retailer’s place, make sure, if you bought a physical ticket, sign the back of the ticket as proof to your ownership.

Irish lottery Plus Raffle

When you buy the Irish lottery ticket, You get lotto plus 1 and lotto plus 2 and lotto plus a raffle for an additional €1 per line. When you buy this ticket, you get an opportunity to win a €500 prize on Wednesdays and Saturdays following the main draw. If you buy the raffle number, you will get a raffle number between 0000 and 9999. You can win a prize by matching the four-digit code in the exact order it has been drawn. You can get the latest Irish Lotto result from this page as well.

Irish lottery result

The result of the Irish lottery announces on every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:55 pm. The Betfred lottery result can be found from this site. Here on this site, you will find Betfred Irish lottery results. As soon as the Irish lottery result is announced you can get the Irish lottery results for tonight on this site as well. You can follow us to get live updates and full live coverage of the lucky draw of Betfred lotto result. We exclusively provide Ladbrokes lotto 49 results online. For the Betfred Irish lottery results updates stay connected to us.

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