View the latest Health Lottery results below. Draws take place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening, and the winning numbers are displayed here straight afterward. Follow the ‘Prize Breakdown’ links to see the prize amounts per winner in each category.
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Basically, the health lottery is not a national lottery. it is one of  51 local society lotteries each one represents at least one local authority area in Scotland, inland, and wolves.  each society lottery is licensed by the gambling commission. money which is gotten after winning health lottery results is used to health related causes. its aim to raise £50 million in one year to tackle health inequalities in Britain.

How to play the health lottery?

The main thing to play the health lottery is the age of the players. The players must be at least 16 years old.

It’s very easy to play and it’s every line costs £1.

In the first step, you have to choose 5 numbers between 1 to 50 numbers.

If you cannot decide which number should be chosen then ask for a quick pick ticket or select the £1 quick pick if you are playing online, and let the random number choose for you.

Choose the number of the week in which you want to play. you can only buy tickets for the week’s draw or up to 5 weeks in advance.

Visit your Health retailer and your play card, if you want to play your number every week and win that health lottery results.

Where to play

you have two platforms to play the Health lottery:

1: online

Online is the easiest way to play. You have to your account at the Health lottery website. Online is the easiest option.

2:Official Retailers

There are 32,000 retailers across Great Britain, you have to visit one of the 32,000 retailers.

 Draw days 

The health lottery draw days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Health lotto costs (price)

One line for one draw costs £1.

How to win the Health lottery

There are some very helpful tips to win the health lottery results:

1: All five drawn numbers should be matched well to win the jackpot.

2: A free ticket is received for matching two main numbers or one main number+bonus ball.

3: There is not to do anything extra to get the chance of winning Mega Raffle or enter in Mega Raffle, If your code is drawn,

you will win.

You people can see the full list of health lottery results,  prizes, and odds in each tier, at our site


The players should choose 5 different numbers from 1 to 50, or can select their number randomly by machine (quick pick).

The costs per play are £1.

prize structure is followed as:

Matching numbers Prize
3 numbers £50 (later £20)
4 numbers £500 (later £250)
5 numbers £100,000


Odds of Health lottery

After buy tickets, we all have a dream to win the jackpot.

So here, what is odd basically?

The odd is match all 5 numbers to £100.000 are 1 in 2,118,760 and win the lowest prizes are 1 in 224.even if you do not win, no need to disappointed. It is always good of supporting good causes.

Odds of winning are in the table below:

Odds of winning table

Match Odds
Match 5 numbers 1 : 2,118,760
Match 4 + Bonus ball 1 : 423,752
Match 4 numbers 1: 9,631
Match 3 + Bonus ball 1: 4,815
Match 3 1: 224
Match 2 + Bonus ball 1: 224

How to get tickets and play cards?

You can purchase Health lottery tickets from Health lottery retailers over the country or online at

Retailers in the UK offer to play cards you can easily fill out.

How to collect your prize?

You can get your prize from the place,  where you bought your tickets.

There are two main places to get prize: 

1: Online

you have played online and won £2,000  then you don’t need to do anything, your winnings will be paid directly into your online player account.

If you have won up to £2,000 ten calls the Health Lottery Helpline on 0844 375 55 55 where our team is always available to guide you that hoe to proceed. 

2: Retailers

If you have bout your ticket from the Retailer then you can get any prize up to £50 from anyone of the retailors.

If you have won up to £250 then you can claim for your amount at any Post Office participating in the Health Lottery.

If you are a lucky one to win more than £250, call the health lotto Helpline on  0844 375 55 55.

Health Bingo

Health Bingo is the official Bingo partner of the Health Lottery. Health Lottery players can play bingo and other games while contributing to nonprofit organizations. Health Bingo was replaced with Health Games.

Health Lottery results:

Health lottery results come four times a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. You can get every latest and older result from our page

Health lottery result coverage

The televised Health lottery result coverage is shown every Saturday evening on both Channel 5 and ITV1. Draw results are also posted at

A brief history of health lottery 

The Health lottery is a young lottery, which is played by youngers or youth.the players must be 16 years old.

The very first draw was held on 8 October 2011. Later on, on 21 July 2012, the prize was reduced from £50 to £25 for three match numbers, for four match numbers prize reduced as £500 to £250. the “Bonus ball” was added in September of the same year. Three years later, on 19 January 2015, a special Quick Pick worth 50 p enabling winning a jackpot of £25.000 was launched. The draw was added in August on the third Thursday. Later on, The health lotto results come on every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.